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in New York State

- Herkimer

- Frankfort

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How Can I Visit The Land?

This website features high quality parcels of land suitable for investment purposes and residential homes. We are not brokers selling other people's properties. This land is family owned. For managerial reasons these landholdings are held under a small corporation named GBF Corporation. It is not a land company that tries to pressure you into purchasing land, and there are no salespeople.

The few parcels we have are all quality land suitable for building, ranging in size from 1 acre lots to a 107.5 acre parcel. These surround the area where we live and work. We have other long-time reputable businesses in this area, so you can be assured of our integrity, and that we won't run away after you purchase the land.

So whether you plan to use the land as investment, or for future use (such as retirement), or to build your home on it now, you should certainly have a look at our quality properties.

GBF Corporation
ATTN: Guenter Boehm
808 Springdale Ave
Herkimer, New York 13350

Tel: (315) 866-3038

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